About me

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Hi, I’m Guillaume, but you can call me Liam. I’m a software engineer who loves to solve new problems, especially with OCaml. Originally from France, I now reside in the UK countryside.

I obtained a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science while studying formal methods at CEA, especially the combination of static and dynamic analysis for software verification I authored and co-authored several research papers.

I currently work at Tarides, whose mission is to make OCaml an industry standard. Here, I develop OCaml tooling for the open-source community and for trading firms. Notably, I’ve been the main maintainer of ocamlformat, overseeing its roadmap and driving new developments since 2018.

I am an OCaml advocate and open-source maintainer. You can check out my work on Github for more details.

On a more personal level, I am a proud dad, an avid foreign language learner, a culture and history enthusiast, a carboot sale aficionado, a watchmaking admirer, and an irish music lover.